Charles Poli, PhD

Head of Artificial Intelligence,
Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited, London.

 About Me

I'm a theoretical physicist with experience in chaotic quantum systems, topologically protected states, quantum-orbit analysis, and strained graphene. Throughout my career I have built numerous analytical models and scientific simulations in Python, MATLAB,

and C/C++. Having developed a fascination for Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning, I have joined Cambridge Quantum Computing ltd. in February 2016 as a Senior Research Manager to develop a fully automated trading system based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms: the project Arrow. I am now head of Artificial Intelligence at Cambridge Quantum Computing and Chief Scientist of the project Arrow.

In any case, I hope you will enjoy surfing through my website just as much as I enjoyed building it!

Contact Information

cpoli83 at hotmail dot fr


I specialize in building scientific projects in Python, Matlab, and C/C++.
I am currently working on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applied to Finance

     Python - Numpy + Scipy
     Python - Matplotlib + Seaborn
     C / C++
      Python - Pandas + Sklearn
     Python Dask, SQLlite - Spark



Laser-Matter Interaction.
Graphene Physics.
Topological Insulators.
Quantum Chaos.


Oriented Object Programming - Python, C++.
Scientific Programming - Numpy, Scipy.
Big Data - Pandas.
Machine Learning - sklearn.
Web development HTML5/CSS3.